PrimePG boasts nearly a decade of combined real estate and investment experience at the executive level. Much of this experience, including the entire life of PrimePG as a corporation, has been accumulated during the uncertain economic times post-2008 recession. As such, our team offers a unique point-of-view, tailored to helping you make the best decisions for your long-term wealth given the current economic landscape.

We also offer an extensive network of trusted partnered professionals including real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and contractors.

Our talented team has assisted clients and principals with a wide variety of needs, including the following:

-Detail intensive valuation analysis of a hotel portfolio valued at over $1.25 billion dollars

-Acquisition of property for subdivision and development

-Pricing residential and commercial real estate for sale or lease utilizing a combination of market data, proprietary data, and our wealth of experience.

-Developing the proper strategies to achieve the optimal real estate portfolio to meet clients’ goals, whether it be retirement (long-term or short-term), maximizing free cash flow, or responsible expansion/contraction of the portfolio.

-Assembling content and analysis-rich packages of potential real estate investments and divestitures.

-Field and evaluate bids on various projects from multiple contractors.